Bug or Feature? – Be Rewarded..

It’s always annoying when you come across a bug in something or it doesn’t work exactly the way you expected.

Well, if you find a bug in the Website Checker, we will actually give you 50 report credits for going to the effort of actually letting us know about the problem.

If you do find a bug, please:

  • Let us know on which page or report it occurred,
  • What the specific problem was,
  • If you were using a desktop, tablet or mobile device at the time.

Please file the bug at our main contact form .

Feature Ideas..

If you have an idea or feature, please drop us a line on our main contact form . We can’t promise we will implement everything sent to us, but those who come up with something we do implement will get 100 report credits added to their balance.

Note: When filing a bug or a feature with us, please us the email address of your account on the Website Checker, otherwise with all the accounts in the system, we will have no way to work out whom to give the credit to – thanks!

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Director at Aykira Pty Ltd
Keith is a founder of Aykira & has over 18 years experience with everything Internet. From eCommerce to security, mobile to maps; large or small. PhD in Info Systems, member Australian & British Computer Society's, ex Yahoo. Architect/Engineer/Innovator.