Australian Startups – Free Website Report !!!

Given that a beginning is a very delicate time, especially if you are running a startup, we have decided to offer Australian Startup’s a free Website Report against a page of their choosing. With this report you can have confidence that your web site is well put together and will perform for you.

All you need to do is:

  1. Be an actual Australian Start-up (i.e. be on the BlueChilli Startup maps,  involved in a startup mentoring program or an equivalent body). This way we don’t get requests from all and sundry. (Note: Businesses that happen to be doing something online we do not class as a start-up – just pay the $3.99 for a single report, it should be well worth it!).
  2. Use our contact form, provide your name, your startup name, the URL of the page you want tested and the email of where you want the link to the report sent to.
  3. We will send you the link to your report within 48 hours typically – once we verify you are an actual Australian Startup.
  4. Make use of the report & see how you go.

Now, all we ask in return is any constructive feedback you may have on the report using the same contact form; did we miss something or did something not work? We would like to know (especially the broken stuff, were moving fast so expect some rough edges or holes, we can only fix it if we know about it). We are not so concerned about the look at the moment, its more about how useful the report proves to you and how we could make it yet even more useful & awesome.

As for what the report will tell you:

  • Checks for ‘bad smells’ in a web page, i.e. things that can impact your SEO ranking, performance, security, accessibility, responsive layout, etc
  • Where applicable it will provide specific help as well as general recommendations to help you get to a ‘fit’ website sooner.
  • In all over 150 different checks and measures are performed.

This is something we’ve had on the back burner for sometime (we use it ourselves to evaluate sites). Note: it doesn’t try to do everything, there are tools out there (like Google Page Speed and numerous SEO tools) that will go into a lot more (painful) detail – rather this report is a 360 ‘sanity check’ mechanism to see if you are on the right track and saves you having to decipher many different reports and work out what is important. By way of an example look at this report .

So Australian startups, claim your free report today!

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Director at Aykira Pty Ltd
Keith is a founder of Aykira & has over 18 years experience with everything Internet. From eCommerce to security, mobile to maps; large or small. PhD in Info Systems, member Australian & British Computer Society's, ex Yahoo. Architect/Engineer/Innovator.