How to get more traffic to your website?

In this day and age every business needs to have a website and that website needs to be able to compete online. But how do you know your website is actually working for you and that it is actually delivering the traffic you want?

Help is at hand in the form of an online tool which does it all in one place in easy to read plain English, namely the Aykira Website Checker Tool.

Step#1 – Check if your website is ‘fit’

By generating a report here you can quickly see the overall state of your website, the report consists of three main sections:

  • Summary – consisting of the overall score (out of 100) and scores for Performance, Security, SEO and Mobile (each out of 100). This way you can quickly see if your website has been put together well or where things are being let down.
  • Recommendations – if anything is amiss with your website you will get a list of recommended actions in this section, saving you having to work out what to focus on.
  • Details – next up a section per characteristic of your website covering Performance, Security, SEO, Mobile, Branding/Media, Sales/SEM, Accessibility, Webpage & Website statistics, Technical and Misc – each section then contains a set of ‘tests’ that were either passed or failed.

What can you do with this report? For starters you get an immediate ‘bill of health’ check that can be used to see what needs to be fixed on your website. This report can also be shared with your website developer to avoid any miscommunications.

Step#2 – Tie in Google Analytics

The website checker supports direct integration with Google Analytics – so within a report you can get details as to:

  • Traffic to the site
  • Keywords associated with the site

This also gets ‘blended’ into the analysis done on the SEO qualities of the site to see if the keywords you got traffic from actually align to those on the website. Such information can be used to tune your website to maximise your keyword exposure and thereby increase traffic to your website. BTW this also helps reduce the cost of competing for such keywords in Google Adwords.

Step#3 – Check on your competitors

You should know who you are competing against, so why not run a Website Checker Report across their websites?  This way you get see directly what keywords they have targeted and what weaknesses they have.


So in summary the Aykira Website Checker Tool can directly assist you in multiple ways to gain more traffic to your website.

Why not give it a go today?

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Director at Aykira Pty Ltd
Keith is a founder of Aykira & has over 18 years experience with everything Internet. From eCommerce to security, mobile to maps; large or small. PhD in Info Systems, member Australian & British Computer Society's, ex Yahoo. Architect/Engineer/Innovator.