Landing Page Monitoring

Landing pages are pages you specifically set up as a high engagement entry point into your website; the idea being to maximise your opportunity to convert a visit into a business lead or product sale. Such pages are usually part of an advertising campaign and should be heavily SEO and performance tuned, monitoring is a core part to achieving this.

Landing Page Monitoring, why you should do it

Simply put, you need to ensure that the landing page is:

  • Available 24×7,
  • Usable on all common devices, including desktops, tablets and smartphones,
  • SEO fine tuned – to maximise your chances of getting traffic (and reducing your AdWords costs)

All these qualities of the landing page can be monitored using this website checker; it covers performance, SEO and usability on multiple devices.

Remember your landing page is the key way by which people are funneled to your website to engage in your products and services, if the landing page is not performing perfectly, then your business revenue and hence profits are being impacted – so you should consider landing page monitoring a key component in your set up to protect your revenue.

Why not monitor your competitors Landing pages as well?

Also, don’t limit yourself to monitoring just your own landing pages, you should also be monitoring your competitors lancing pages to see if they are focusing on different areas. The Aykira Website Checker also includes change alerting, so you will be emailed as soon as the Landing page content changes above a specified threshold. Talk about easy!


Sign up for the website checker now, and empower your Landing Pages to deliver the leads you want.

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Landing Page Monitoring
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Landing Page Monitoring
Landing Page Monitoring is critical to online success, we explain why and how to do it right.
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