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website security scanning

In order to help ensure that our customers operate safe and secure websites, we have added some checks for CMS (Content Management System) security into our Website Checker.

CMS & Website Security?

Simply put a CMS is just a piece of software on which your website runs (like WordPress or Joomla), that software on its own cannot be 100% secure, it depends on the environment it is running in and on the specifics of its set up to be secure. As always the quality on an installation of a CMS can be highly variable – some hosting providers are good at locking down tight a CMS, others not so.

So how will you know if your website CMS is being securely hosted or not? Hence the checks we have added, these attempt to ‘sniff out’ problems with the installation and then report back to you what the particular problem is so it can be fixed.

What can happen if my website is not secure?

Many bad things can happen, including:

  • Your website can be ‘wrecked’ – In that it is either taken off air, corrupted enough that it no longer works or defaced.
  • It can be used as part of a botnet – This is where a ‘back door’ is added to your website, so the server than can be used by the hacker to attack other websites.
  • It’s content can be extracted – Do you store peoples names and addresses in the website itself? You could be up for PII legal problems.

So it should really be a question of why are you NOT checking your website security?

Note: Given that these checks are a little more invasive than just the normal website checks we run, your email address has to be on the same domain as the website you are checking in order for them to be enabled. So having the email address will work with and so enable the checks. Also rest assured, the additional website checks will not damage your website or your hosting environment.

Act now – check your website security before it is too late…

If you would like to check your website security now, as well as its SEO, Performance. Mobile Support, Branding, etc – sign up for the Website Checker now.

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Website Security Scanning - new CMS checks
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Website Security Scanning - new CMS checks
How can you be sure your WordPress, Joomla, or other CMS based website is secure? Our website checker now checks to see if it is at risk.
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