Why the Website Checker will gain you traffic & increase your sales

The Website Checker is based on over 20 years direct experience designing, building and deploying websites at various scale points, from the small to the ridiculously large. Over those years a strong awareness of the importance of the SEO, technical and content quality aspects of websites was gained. Basically get such qualities wrong and it doesn’t matter how small or big your website is – it will NOT achieve its full potential – they are all interconnected and depend on each other to work well.

In effect the Website Checker is an embodiment of all this experience and skill into a powerful online tool. The Website Checker provides you with an analysis that does not pull any punches and gives you the information & control you need to make your website work for you.

Why was the Website Checker developed?

We noticed, when people had got in touch with us at Aykira, that a lot of people had prior work done on their websites with no actual awareness of if the work was of a high standard and if it was actually going to make a material positive difference to their bottom line. People were literally throwing thousands of dollars at their websites in the ‘hope’ that they might make it successful and lots of so called ‘website development’ businesses were happy to take this money, safe in the knowledge that the client had no way to verify if what they had done was actually to the benefit of the client…

So, the Website Checker was developed in part to even up the score and provide businesses with an easy to understand, independent and trusted way to evaluate the work done on their websites. Plus we don’t like seeing people being taken for a ride, it’s just a bad look for the whole online website development business; we want to change things for the better.

We also use the Website Checker in house to evaluate the websites of new clients – pretty much every website scored has been a true horror story before we have got to work on it.

The Website Checker came about as we found no one existing tool did a well enough job of assessing all the factors we were interested in. We found it somewhat frustrating that different tools would tell us different things, in some cases giving the opposite advice or telling us about many little things that made no real difference (i.e. compressing this file will save you 5 bytes, big deal!). So the Website Checker assesses a whole lot of different factors and comes up with actionable recommendations based on all the information it has collected. Thereby making work more efficient and ultimately result orientated, i.e. it provides recommendations that give the most ‘leverage’.

About Us

The principal developer of the Website Checker is Keith Marlow of Aykira Internet Solutions – he has a PhD in Information Systems (plus a BSc in Pure Computer Science) and previously worked for Yahoo for some 16 years doing everything from the European Finance Product, heading up EU Engineering to Chief Architect for the Asia Region – to say he knows something about websites and how to put them together well is probably a massive understatement! He also has several patents under his belt and enjoys working at the cutting edge of online technology.

Keith runs Aykira Internet Solutions, a Sydney based consultancy to help all businesses (even some very large businesses & startups) get their online technology spot on. Got a problem online that nobody knows how to solve? Get in touch now.