Content is King

Where websites are concerned there is one factor above all others that if done right will help you win out in the long term and that is good content.


In order to understand why content is so important you need to remember that your website will always have to cater two types of traffic: the human traffic and the machine traffic. Human traffic are just people looking at your website, whereas the machine traffic is all the Bots, crawlers and other associated programs that access your website – this includes the crawlers of the search engines (like Google and Bing).

The trouble starts when you only focus on one type of traffic at the expense of the other. So if you make your content purely attractive to humans, say by adding lots of graphics, overlays and animation – your website will not be so easy to ‘parse’ by the machines, so running a risk of being mis-indexed.

Whereas if you focus purely on the machine audience, you will have a website that is well indexed but a terrible user experience for the humans who visit your website.

As with all things you need to achieve a sense of balance and there are techniques in how to make this come about so that both the machine and human audiences are kept happy. We will explain these techniques below:

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