Check Website SEO

Check if your website SEO is really working…

local_seoSpending a lot on SEO and not getting the results you expected? Not sure how to fix it or who can fix it? Help is at hand.

The Website Checker is a powerful easy to use online tool that provides reports about the numerous SEO qualities of a website, complete with explanations in plain English and instructions on how to fix, so either you, your website developer or marketing agency can fix the SEO qualities of your website in confidence.

The Website SEO Checker is based on over 15 years direct experience building and operating websites of all shapes and sizes, it’s based on proven techniques and well understand methods of refining website SEO and tuning your website so that it delivers its full potential; and it’s proudly built in Australia.

But wait, there’s more…

Website SEO doesn’t operate in a vacuum, when ranking your site search engines also take into account:

  • Website Performance – slow websites rank worse than fast websites.
  • Website Security – insecure websites don’t rank, period.
  • Mobile Support – does the website display well on smartphones and tablets?

So in order to ensure you get the full picture, the Website Checker covers all of the above, plus:

  • Accessibility Checks – Does it work across all devices?
  • Branding / Media Checks – Does your branding work well across all devices?
  • Legal Checks – Your copyright statement up to date? Do you have a privacy policy?

website_checklist_textThis is the one stop website health check, complete with recommendations (in plain English) as to what should be done first to get best benefit.

Easily check the quality of work done

It’s also easy to share the full report with a developer or agency; and once their work is done, you can generate another report and what has changed is highlighted for you – making it easy to see what has been done (or not!).

In fact why not use the Website Checker to assess an SEO agency or developer before you engage then? Pass their prior work through the Website Checker and get an unbiased measure of how good their SEO and website skills really are. This could save you thousands…

As one of our customers says ‘there is no hiding from the Website Checker!’.

Find out precisely how well your website is put together and how to improve your website SEO and get the traffic and business you want now.