Individuals – Why use the Website Checker?


Take control over your website quality

With the Website Checker you can take control over improving and maintaining the quality of your website. Find out where your website could be letting you down and losing you visitors and business, then take action to get it fixed. Reports can be shared by email with whoever maintains your website, so you can be sure they are focusing on the right problems. Plus once they have fixed the problem, run another report and you will see what has changed easily.

Optimise the ability of your website to gain and keep traffic

Find out exactly what needs to be improved on your website to gain traffic. Do you have enough content? Is the structure of your website correct? Get this wrong and your search visibility (SEO) will be reduced, the Website Checker will tell you how to get this all right.

Website speed is critical to success

Visitors to websites expect them to load in under 4 seconds or they will go elsewhere. The Website Checker will locate performance problems and tell you the most cost effective way to address.


Google Analytics Integration

You can easily switch on integration with Google Analytics and see your traffic stats built into your reports. We also analyse the stats as part of the report and advise you anything we find that isn’t right. Saves you having to keep swapping between online tools to monitor your website quality and its traffic.

Check up on your competitors

You are not limited to just checking your own website, have a look at your competitors websites and see what they are doing. A great way to gain insights into how best to optimise your website and improve search visibility.

Automate Website Monitoring

You can set up reports to run on a regular period, say once a week and be notified if anything changes, and yes, we mean anything, Be it content, SEO, Performance, Mobile Support or Security. You can do this to any website. It’s an easy way to check the quality of your website and keep tabs on your competition at the same time without wasting your time – we do the watching for you so you don’t have to.


Find out how well your website works on tablet and mobile devices

Over a third of all website traffic now comes from tablets and smartphones, your website needs to display well on these devices. The Website Checker will test this for you directly and provide you with the details as to what needs fixing.

The Website Expert on your side

With the Website Checker you have an all in one website expert who is on your side, we have no agenda other than supplying you with the information you need to improve and manage your website. This allows you to have a much more informed relationship with your website designer or developer by being able to properly assess any work done – the technobabble veil is well and truly lifted. You can also the Website Checker as a way to directly assess the work of website designers or developers you are considering using, which in itself could save you a mountain of stress, expense and potential lost business and time.

Take Control of your website destiny now and get the traffic you desire