Small Business Website Design Services

Looking for a website designer and not sure if they are a winner or not?

Finding it difficult to work out who is actually good at doing websites?

Have you been burnt in the past with a dodgy designer and want to stop it happening again?

We can help seperate the wheat from the chaff and get you the results you want…

Introducing the Website Checker
An online tool to aid you in selecting your website designer and getting the best out of them.

We know whats its like, selecting a website designer is a bit of a lucky dip, you try to go by recommendations or what you ‘see’ online, but this is only part of the picture and it doesn’t really tell you if the websites they have created are actually any good at attracting traffic. You feel like you need to be a brain surgeon to get through all the technical speak and terms…It need not be this way

With the Website Checker we take all the guess work out of assessing websites and in turn the designers who implemented them, by focusing on the metrics that matter. You don’t care about ‘how’ a good website is put together, you just want to know that your website¬†is well put together and we show this by simply scoring your website out of 100 on the following key metrics:

  • SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – basically is the website put together to be well indexed by search engines.
  • Performance – how quick is the website – a slow website does not index well and is a pain to use.
  • Security – is the website secure against hacker – an insecure website is a risk to your business and won’t index at all
  • Mobile – does the website display well on smart phones – the majority of traffic now is from mobile devices

Then we provide an overall score out of 100, so you can quickly see if things are good or not.

So how can you use this?

1. Checking out a website designer

Simply put their portfolio of websites into the website checker and get a set of reports – you will quickly see if they really know what they are doing or not. This could save you¬†thousands in costs right there, you have been able to cheaply and effectively ‘weed out’ those who do not meet your requirements.

2. Monitoring development work by the website designer

Once you have selected a website designer who you think is up to the task, you can run the website checker across the website as it is been developed and easily share the reports with the designer – this way they know you are on their tail and enforcing quality. This ensures they focus on the right things about your website and deliver a website best placed to be of benefit to your business.

As you can see the Website Checker makes it easy to get in control and stay in control, without undue stress or effort.

So what are you waiting for!