Agencies – Why use the Website Checker?


Save time and work more effectively with Clients

Use the reports to streamline your workflow and confirm the final completed quality of the websites delivered by producing a finished website report. Helps avoid awkward questions later over exactly what was delivered.

Deliver consistent quality to your clients

With the Website Checker you can take control over improving and maintaining the quality of your websites. Use it as part of your development process to ensure what you deliver has the right qualities. Reduce the likelihood of ‘delivery failure’.

Support your digital marketing intelligence efforts

By using the Website Checker you are ensuring your clients website is firing on all cylinders; thereby making it easier to obtain digital marketing objectives. A win win situation for all parties.

Use the reports to gain you more work

Report exactly what needs to be fixed on a website and provide a tailored quote to match. Show your clients the report directly that describes the problems and then deliver them the solution. Also use it with your current client websites and offer them an upgrade or fix, lets them see exactly what they are missing out on. You can even set up automated monitoring and alerting of your client websites as an additional service to your clients, delivering true peace of mind.

Deliver true value that your clients will notice

Your websites will be quicker, better at SEO and SEM, and more secure. With the Website Checker you will provide more productive websites for your clients. For instance you can tune up their SEM campaign landing pages so maximising the effectiveness of their online spend, thereby helping them get the most out of the campaign spend; very important in these ROI focussed times.

Also by doing a report before and after you have worked on a client website, they will see clearly what has been done and thereby validate the value you have provided.

example2Give clients confidence your websites work on mobile devices

Over a third of all website traffic now comes from tablets and smartphones, your websites need to display well on these devices. The Website Checker will test this for you directly and provide precise details on what needs to be done.

Works with the latest technology

Using AngularJS or canvas? Not a problem, we have specific checks for all types of webpage technology and website frameworks, so you can be sure your websites are well put together.

Differentiate yourself from the crowd, deliver quality constantly