Package NameDescriptionReports
Reports StoredPeriodPrice
Free TrialA free 2 week trial of our service. You will only be able to see the summaries of the reports and all the advanced features are turned off.10102 weeks$0.00Buy Now
Basic MonthlyThe entry level monthly subscription package. Full reports with recommendations, guides, scheduling, alerting and Google Analytics integration.40801 month$14.99Buy Now
Standard MonthlyIdeal for producing many reports across your website and your competitors websites. Does all the Basic does with more reports and JIRA issue integration.2003001 month$29.99Buy Now
Premium MonthlyFor those who want it all! Great for the website professional. Includes White label support and JIRA integration.4006001 month$69.99Buy Now

Note: There are no hidden charges and no lock in, you are free to end your subscription at any time or continue with us. Also you can change your subscription level at any time.


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I was suffering from a slow website and I couldn’t work out what was wrong, then I used the website checker and I found out my hosting was horribly underpowered for all the pictures I had on my site. I changed hosting and followed the recommendations and my site now flies!

Lisa Young Photographer October 12, 2015

I was about to refresh my online store and had 3 website developers on my shortlist, all of them claiming to have strong SEO experience. Luckily I found the Website Checker, signed up and ran it across the websites in their online portfolios – all of them were terrible, they were no SEO experts, far from it!

I then asked around and found another website developer who passed the Website Checker and I’ve been happy with them since. In fact we use it to help with working out what needs attention next – no hiding from the Website Checker!!!

Gemma Davids Business Owner October 12, 2015

With the Website Checker we were able to streamline our development process and catch problems with performance and SEO early on, saving us time and money. The ability to put notes into the reports made everything immediate and straightforward.

John Peterson Creative Director October 12, 2015

The Website Checker allowed my team to quickly identify SEO problems that other tools just overlooked. With the scheduling feature we can keep an eye on all our clients websites and quickly be told when something goes wrong.

Worth its weight in gold!

Dave Richards Account Manager October 12, 2015