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Learn how the Website Checker Tool can empower your online success…


For agencies that require efficient professional quality control over multiple websites to wow clients and grow their business.


Ideal for businesses who require cost effective management of their websites to improve traffic, SEO and sales growth.


Ideal for website owners who want an easy to understand all-in-one tool to help them grow their websites.

Website Checker Tool sample reportThe Website Checker Tool is an online service designed for you to effectively analyse your website and get the traffic, quality and results you require to grow and succeed online. Save your precious time by having everything you need at your fingertips in the one tool.

It’s literally your own online personal website expert in a bottle.

Comprehensive Website Reports

The Website Checker will check in detail:

  • Website SEO – Check if your website SEO is set up to show highly in search results
  • Website Performance – Fast websites are good for users and SEO
  • Website Security – Can your website be easily hacked?
  • Website SEM – works well with AdWords and has a good quality score
  • Website Social Media Integration – linked properly to the social networks?

But unlike other website tools we also check:

  • Website Branding – Visibility of logos, key text and content.
  • Website Legals – Copyright statements up to date? Current privacy policy?
  • Website Mobile Flow – Does the site actually ‘work’ as something readable on tablets and smart phones? Is it truly responsive in its layout?

You will not find this scope of tests all in the one online tool anywhere else. Plus it is in a form that you can understand and action.

We understand that not everybody is technically minded, so the reports are written in plain English with additional information and links to useful online resources to assist you (or your website developer) in addressing any issues found. Think of it as a one stop ‘health check’ of your website that can be used as a diagnostic aid to improve your website quality & performance and therefore your online success.

website check cycleThe Website Checker is designed to fit into your workflow

Adding notes into the reports is supported directly; making it easy to work with website developers as the report can act as a shared ‘scratch pad’ and hence avoid a tangle of emails and screenshots. We have also just put in support for integration with JIRA directly; so it can be used as part of a larger project workflow with ease.

Plus – Track your website traffic with ease

You can also tie in Google Analytics to include your website statistics as part of the website analysis, thus enabling useful additional checks and charts to allow you to see exactly how well your website is doing. So rather than having to waste time bouncing between multiple online tools to track your website, save time and effort by doing it all from the one place in the Website Checker. This also means as you apply what the reports recommend you can directly see the results.

Plus – Track Website Changes and keep an eye on your Competition…

Track your website over time and see what has changed easily in the reports. You can even use it to track your competitors websites and be alerted when they change their online content… The website reports can be done for any website. Again saving you time and effort so allowing you to concentrate on other more important things; let the Website Checker do the monitoring for you.

Check Website Designer and Developer skills before you commit!

You can even use the Website Checker to objectively up front assess the quality of work of a website designer and developer you are looking to engage, by running the Website Checker over their portfolio of online work, this could literally save you thousands in costs and lost business. Objectively check out if they really can do SEO and create mobile responsive websites before you commit. It might even indicate who really did the work! With the Website Checker you can effectively separate the wheat from the chaff online.

As one of our customers says ‘There is literally nowhere to hide from the Website Checker’…

Get greater peace of mind by ensuring that your website is delivering, plus save time and reduce risks, sign up to the Website Checker Tool today.

I was suffering from a slow website and I couldn’t work out what was wrong, then I used the website checker and I found out my hosting was horribly underpowered for all the pictures I had on my site. I changed hosting and followed the recommendations and my site now flies!

Lisa Young Photographer October 12, 2015

I was about to refresh my online store and had 3 website developers on my shortlist, all of them claiming to have strong SEO experience. Luckily I found the Website Checker, signed up and ran it across the websites in their online portfolios – all of them were terrible, they were no SEO experts, far from it!

I then asked around and found another website developer who passed the Website Checker and I’ve been happy with them since. In fact we use it to help with working out what needs attention next – no hiding from the Website Checker!!!

Gemma Davids Business Owner October 12, 2015

With the Website Checker we were able to streamline our development process and catch problems with performance and SEO early on, saving us time and money. The ability to put notes into the reports made everything immediate and straightforward.

John Peterson Creative Director October 12, 2015

The Website Checker allowed my team to quickly identify SEO problems that other tools just overlooked. With the scheduling feature we can keep an eye on all our clients websites and quickly be told when something goes wrong.

Worth its weight in gold!

Dave Richards Account Manager October 12, 2015