Businesses – Why use the Website Checker?


Take full control over the quality of your website

The quality of your website has a direct impact on whether people will use it or not, a badly put together website that is slow to use or just appears wrong will do you no favours. It will negatively impact your brand message and impact your sales. With the Website Checker you can take control over improving and maintaining the quality of your websites. Find out how your website could be letting you down and losing sales, then take decisive action to get it fixed.

Optimise the ability of your website to gain and keep traffic

Find out exactly what needs to be improved on your website to gain traffic. Do you have enough content? Is the structure of your website correct? This all impacts on your search visibility on search engines, and if not right it can actually work against you.

Maximise the potential of online campaigns

Is low landing page quality causing you to pay over the odds for clicks? With the Website Checker you can improve the quality of the landing page and thereby get a reduction in the cost per click – basically your advertising budget goes further. No point optimising your keywords and targeting if your landing page isn’t tuned for success first.

Website speed is critical to success

Visitors to websites expect them to load in under 4 seconds or they will go elsewhere. The Website Checker will locate performance problems and tell you the most effective way to address.

Work more effectively with Website Agencies

Use the Website Checker to help ensure the work done addresses the problems found on your website. This way you get a modern website that you know will do its best for you.

Monitor your competitors

You are not limited to just checking your own website, have a look at your competitors websites and see what they are doing. You can schedule alerts to be generated when they change their website content or media. A great way to gain insights into how best to optimise your website in response. Plus your website agency can use the results to improve your search visibility.


Find out how well your website works on tablet and mobile devices

Over a third of all website traffic now comes from tablets and smartphones, your website needs to display well on these devices. The Website Checker will test this for you directly and report on the key qualities that need to be right to work well on tablet and mobile devices.

Take Control of your websites now and get the sales you desire