Change Log


  • Webpage change tracking, compares text and media against previous report and will generate an email alarm if it finds any differences against a threshold you set. Works with the scheduled report generation.
  • Checks added for the RSS feed


  • Enabled support to mark reports for automatic generation, this way you can monitor over time a given page (or set of pages) and see how things change over time. You turn it on per report, then in the ‘Advanced Settings’ enabled Auto Run and set the period (1 day to 31 days) between reports.


  • Added checks for visibility of text on all rendered views.
  • Reordering of tests to highlight those tests that directly relate to website branding.


  • Added in rendering of views of the web page at 800 px,  640 px and 320 px wide – this shows you how your web page will look on tablet and mobile devices.
  • Also checks to see if the page displayed too wide in the mobile views, indicative of a bad responsive (or even none responsive) layout – 4 scored tests under mobile added for this.
  • Now indicates if files have changed their size between reports being run on the same page, makes it easier to see what has changed.


  • Added icon to the side of links in reports to copy the link to the generate report form and focus the user there.
  • Tweaks to the layout.


  • Got the blog going in the theme, and put in Disqus support
  • Some fixes for responsive layout on low end devices
  • Broken local link checking, highlights local links that do not resolve to a page in red.


  • Bug fix for inline data images in CSS (jpg, png and SVG)
  • Sniffs more CMS types for you


  • Thumbnails added to reports, now shown top RHS. Actually ‘runs’ the page, so will work for all websites in effect.
  • JavaScript loaded files now part of the Report.
  • Issue with AngularJS breaking render fixed.


  • Recognises usage of AngularJS and warns if SEO not set up correctly.
  • Improvements on CDN recognition.