website security scanning

Website Security Scanning – CMS checks

In order to help ensure that our customers operate safe and secure websites, we have added some checks for CMS (Content Management System) security into our Website Checker. CMS & Website Security? Simply put a CMS is just a piece of software on which your Read More

SEO Performance checking and monitoring

In order for your website to be successful online, you need to know if your SEO is actually working or not. This can be quite difficult to assess yourself as your SEO quality depends on lots of different factors, such as: Keyword usage – Are Read More

Landing Page Monitoring

Landing pages are pages you specifically set up as a high engagement entry point into your website; the idea being to maximise your opportunity to convert a visit into a business lead or product sale; therefore its important that such pages are monitored at all times.

3 Ways In Which Google’s Mobile First Ranking Affects SEO

Google has recently made changes that rank mobile friendly sites above those that are not mobile friendly, when searching from a smartphone. Now this makes a lot of sense, but may be very disrupting to marketing efforts… If your website has not already adjusted to this Read More

How to get more traffic to your website?

In this day and age every business needs to have a website and that website needs to be able to compete online. But how do you know your website is actually working for you and that it is actually delivering the traffic you want? Help Read More

Responsive Website Checking Made Easy

It’s more important than ever that your website works well on Smart Phones and mobile devices, with the Website Checker Tool – you can test for this easily. If you website does not work well on mobile devices, it is costing you business – we explain Read More

Why Onsite SEO is critical to online success

Normally, the focus tends to be around offsite SEO as the major ‘lever’ to spend money on to improve your search presence, for instance by spending money in link building and social media exposure.  Trouble is offsite SEO is a ‘force multiplier’ of onsite SEO, Read More

Fresh Blogs matter to winning out on SEO

Nothing signals quicker to a search engine that a website is old and not maintained than a blog full of ‘old’ posts. It can come as somewhat of a surprise but Google and other search engines have been shown to place a lot of weight Read More

SEO on Non-Google Search Engines, a Checklist

When optimising for Search Engines, we tend to focus on Google, as they have the biggest share of the online searches (over 60%). Although that been said, that still leaves some 30% for other search engines, or rather 3 out of 10 searches occur using Read More

Monitoring Competitors Websites Made Easy

Your business website faces many online competitors, keeping track of what they are doing can be a time consuming, difficult and expensive task. The Website Checker has built in support to track changes on their websites in an effective and easy to use way. It’s Read More

Report per test notes, new feature

To help people make more effective use of the Website Reports as part of their workflow, say advising your website developers on what to focus on first, we have just added in the ability to add text notes to each test if you so wish. Read More

jQuery JSON cookie weirdness with HTTPS and Windows 10

Just a short post for those of you pulling your hair out on why the session cookie doesn’t appear to get passed along on your AJAX requests, especially concerning the latest browsers running on Windows 10. I noticed this when the new Notes feature was Read More

Website Notes, New Feature

Working on a website goes easier when you can keep notes and make comments right where you need them. To this end we have added in support to allow text notes to be kept per website, making it easy to keep track of: Contact details Read More